Chad Nutt
Paying It Forward through the Great Out Doors

Hi, my name is Chad!
I Love the “Great Out Doors”. For me, the “Great Out Doors” is far more then wilderness... I love the spirit of the "Great Out Doors." The first letters of these three words spell "G O D”. There is an irresistible force in the great outdoors — the very soul of America. God is the wilderness, God resides in his heaven, and has organized his great universe for our good, and HEALING! Plus, I am a avid frontiersman, prospector and hunter from the Great state of Texas!

When I had my accident, I kept having this feeling (or call it being told, if you will) to return to the “Great Out Doors” to let nature heal me. I kept blowing it off for several years, and doing this I realized I was getting less healthy and fat.

So I told myself, as soon as I could walk; get back to being able to use my hands and arms again: and start to loose a little weight I would. You would be surprised at how quick that happened.

However, I kept having this “thought” pop into my mind telling me to “pay it forward” through the “Great Out Doors”. How I would be the perfect specimen to show the healing powers of the “Great Out Doors”, aka: God’s wilderness, because for over the past 25 years I have gained the skills and knowledge to perform this “job”, and now, through the accident, I have been given the opportunity to show the true healing powers of the “Great Out Doors”, and Pay-it-forward!

SO, please bare with me as it will take a few months to get everything together and the equipment needed in order to get out there and get this adventure started!